Friday, March 07, 2008

Harajuku Phose

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Harajuku Phose Cosplay

A collection of Harajuku inspired crisp, preppy separates has an easy feel. Fine seersucker blouses and cropped boxy blazers appear in multi coloured ticking stripes. Capes and oversize cardigans are layered over clean cut gingham shell-blouses and skinny and carrot leg jeans. 1970’s style blue jeans, slouchy shorts and ra-ra skirts work with cute logo Ts in young, primary colours while 50s’ style summer dresses add sophistication. A palette of red, blue and white dominates, highlighted with degrade citrus lemon and orange. Brightly coloured t-bar flats, doctor and bowling bags complete the story.
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Haya Harb said...

I love this! <3