Saturday, March 22, 2008

Harajuku Girls kids and teenagers dressed like this


Harajuku Girls, originally uploaded by markokon.

"Harajuku Girls" yes... this is what some of them look like. Basically every Sunday if you go to Harajuku station just outside of the famous area called Harajuku you'll find kids and teenagers dressed like this and in other fun and outrageous costumes. This place is a hot bed for creative expression and overall a great public space for performance artists and musicians. And yes... they all love to be photographed.

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JadoTorudo said...

It's true there's many harajuku girls at this place but these girls are NOT harajuku, aren't they more like...sweet lolita?

TokyoTravler said...

Um, that picture isn't harajuku style.
Harajuku style is MUCH weirder!!!
That is a picture of sweet Lolita.
Harajuku style is a bit more punk looking.

amanda said...

sweet lolita is a life style btw. These people usaly dress like that every day..Just not on some sunday.Theyere are so many diffrent types to. Sweet lolita,Gothic lolita,Classic lolita,Pnk lolita,Wa and Qi lolita Ōji/kodona/dandy (Boystyle),Hime (prinsess),Guro Lolita,And lastly Sailor...

why dont you do a bit more reserch.

akumaxkami said...

This is definitely sweet lolita. They may or may not dress like that all time. Chances are, if they're still students or have a decent job, they can't wear lolita ALL the time.

But lolita IS one of the many Harajuku fashions.