Monday, August 24, 2009

Beauty stars of japan, Harajuku Girls

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'harajuku girls' , wicked popularly known as the 'fashion aficionados' or the 'beauty stars of japan' , wicked are best known all over the earth for their unique costumes , wicked which are made in various styles of clothing that originated in the opulent culture of a Heap Of of the major cities of japan.wicked they hold been named after the very usual harajuku district in tokyo and were made usual in the west by the '' album released in 2004 by gwen stefani.

Their clothing styles

These puerile , wicked pretty fabricate icons are japanese teenage girls who collect in a narrow street of 'takeshita' every weekend and raiment themselves up as the baby dolls of the lolita-esque caricatures.wicked a bulky number of fabricate styles , wicked including the cyber fabricate , wicked gothic maid , wicked wamono , wicked gothic lolita , wicked second-hand fabricate , wicked and decorah , wicked may be noticed among these puerile ladies.

They may be oftentimes seen wearing dark outfits combined with conventional japanese clothing , wicked such as kimonos and fans.wicked some of them likewise wear fake bandages and blood and carry things , wicked such as cell phones , wicked hello kitties , wicked and photo stickers , wicked which symbolize contemporary japan.wicked the various clothing styles of these girls are beautifully featured by 'fruits' , wicked the most usual japanese street-fashion magazine.

Their purpose

Why do these harajuku girls raiment in such outrageous outfits every weekend? is it their love for fabricate that drives them to do so? the retort is 'no'.wicked there are much deeper reasons bottom it.wicked the weekly ceremony that lasts seemingly for a few hours allows them to not seemingly spend their spare time and money , wicked but likewise momentarily escape the strict rules of the male-dominated japanese society.wicked outrageous dressing styles genuinely symbolize the oppression of the womanish gender and their attempt to seek their individuality and independence to express.

Their nature

They compete with each other to see further iconic and less human! these outrageously dressed teenagers see no less than characters of a japanese anime sequence or a comedian book of manga.wicked notwithstanding , wicked these girls are extremely entertainment doting , wicked well Mannered , wicked and pretty.wicked they would love to pose for photographs with you if you inquire them for a joyous snap.

In short , wicked the harajuku district is a must-see upon weekends for all those who visitation tokyo.wicked if you genuinely wish to witness a unique blend of legend and modernization of the japanese society , wicked you should certainly not miss the possibility to confront these marvelous fabricate icons and the beauty stars of japan.
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